Do The Right Thing Daily

Changing the World One Good Deed at a Time


We wake every day, put on our “armor” to protect us from negative influences and spend the rest of the day engaged in a form of battle.

The news media is particularly guilty in adding to our sense of angst and foreboding. We are bombarded by stories of corruption, death and destruction. But, what if news agencies started reporting “nice news”? Or what if you  read something about how kind and good people can be? What if you spent time each day trying to do something, however small, to make someone feel better?

I have learned that the smallest efforts can make the biggest difference.  My intent it is to scour the web to find and share stories about people who just do the right thing — the people who try to change the world one good deed at a time.

I am only one person.  If you come across a story that should be shared, email it to and I will try to post it. Tweet, message, like, re-post the stories you read here. Together, let’s make the world a little lighter, a little happier and a little more hopeful one good deed at a time.


Artworkcropped-dtrtcornerimage-2.jpg: Scott Ernest, Sculptor

Mountain Metal Arts, Pueblo Co (719-252-5068)

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